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How to Eat Persimmon Properly

Fall is the season of sweet apples, warm pumpkins, and squash. Persimmons are one more reason to love the fall, which is a less popular fruit. September to December is the best time to eat persimmons.

There are two types of taste we got from persimmons: astringent and sweet. Note that unripe persimmon is not good as it doesn’t taste like a good idea. Sometimes you will face digestive problems after eating a lot of unripe persimmons. Persimmons are also known as sharon fruit in Asian countries.

Persimmons are also called the food of the Gods. Typically persimmon should be eaten sliced up or bitten into a whole. Persimmons come from China, Korea, and Japan.

Persimmon: Health Benefits

Persimmons are very high in fiber, beta carotene, sodium, magnesium, calcium, and iron. Also, these persimmons are the main source of vitamins A, B, and fiber.

Types of Persimmons

You can find Persimmons in two varieties:

  • Non-astringent (Fuyu) – sweet
  • Astringent (HACHIYA)

Fuyu persimmons

Fuyu persimmons are sweet. You can eat Fuyu persimmons while still a little firm.

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Hachiya persimmon

On the other hand, hachiya persimmon is sweet when it’s very ripe or overripe. Note that hachiya persimmons are acorn-shaped in Asia and the US.

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How to Eat Persimmons Properly

Some people love to scoop out the insides. Some people like to leave the skins on slices and eat them with salads. If you like, it is recommended to eat them raw to get all the benefits.

Learn how to cut and eat Persimmons properly.

Step 1: Take a persimmon, then rinse the skin gently. You can also peel it off. You should always eat persimmon after washing it. Don’t forget to dry it under the sky or with a clean towel.

Step 2: Cut the green leaves and stem using a knife.

Step 3: (For Fuyu persimmons) Cut the persimmon in half with a knife from the stem to the tail. Then divide the core into two parts. Later cut each half into thin rounds.

Step 4: If you are eating hachiya persimmons, then cut them in half. Cut the persimmon in half and takeout the soft flesh from both pieces.

How To Tell When Persimmons Are Ripe

You have to make sure that Persimmons are fully riped. Persimmons are found in late fall. The best possible way to make sure that persimmons are fully riped is by touching them.

How Do You Know If A Persimmon Is Ripe?

According to many people, you can identify the perfect persimmons by looking at them. Make sure that they are squishy, soft, and ready to burst.

If you want soft and juicy fruit, then Hachiyas are the best option for you.

On the other hand, if you like crisp and sweet fruit like apple, then Fuyus are for you..

What Do Persimmons Taste Like?

Persimmons are talking about exotic Asian fruit that is very hard to find and usually only found in Asian markets. This delicious dessert has been around in Asia for centuries and is very popular with all kinds of cuisines. Eating them is a big deal in Asia as it is their national delicacy. So, what exactly does a persimmon taste like?

Persimmons taste is like mango and roasted sweet pepper with cinnamon. They are sweet and rich.

As it turns out, there are many different answers to this question. The taste varies depending on when the persimmons have been eaten. If they have been eaten freshly, then they will taste more or less the same as fresh. However, if they have been picked and allowed to ripen slowly, you can expect to get a bit of a taste difference.

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